How to embed Youtube video in WordPress blog

WordPress blogs usually contains images, videos and audios formatted contents to attract visitors and to illustrate the idea behind the article. Best practice is, upload videos to video servers like Youtube, Vimeo. If you upload videos directly to WordPress blog, site loading time increases also you will lose your Youtube fans and Youtube traffic to your website. So you should not upload videos to WordPress directly. Thus you have to embed Youtube videos in your WordPress blog post.

WordPress is adding tons of user friendly features regularly in its updates. WordPress added oEmbed feature it makes easier to embed Youtube video in WordPress blog. In this article we will share how to easy embed third party videos to WordPress blog post.

How to Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts

Login to your WordPress blog

Compose new blog post.
On the required video position in the new post just paste the video url. (Make sure the the video url is not hyperlinked.
Embedding with url

Here is a video embeding method in WordPress.
Extremely easy

Using shortcode to customize video size


Tips and tricks on embeding video in WordPress blog

To start video at defined time frame.

If you want to start video from second minute instead of playing from beginning and ?t=2m or #t=2m or ?start=120 as below.

Embedding url technique

Using shortcode technique

iframe technique

Responsive video

Youtube video is not responsive. It is irrespective of your theme is responsive or not. to solve this problem add Fitvids for WordPress plugin.

Install and activate this plugin the embedded videos on your website will be responsive without any further settings. If you like to change the settings on FitVid go to Appearance – Fitvids

This method of embedding also works for the following websites.

oEmbed on WordPress supports

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Access all Cloud accounts in one app

Access all Cloud accounts using jumptuit

Many of us use multiple cloud storage accounts and services. So that our files and documents are scattered across all of the cloud services. Jumptuit is a new service that gives a single master account to ease access of all services. Jumptuit is available in almost all platforms including Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows phone and web platform.

Jumptuit Connects Cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook and others. Once if you sync all of your cloud services to Jumptuit you can use Jumptuit app to find music files, movies, photos or other files from all of your services.

Jumptuit unique feature is its unified search box to search files from all of the cloud services in a single place. Using Jumptuit app you can open files like music and movies, move files from one device to another or move one cloud service to another cloud service, Which is a useful feature in Jumptuit. For example, you can play movies or video songs from OneDrive or music from Dropbox in Jumptuit app on any device. Also can copy or move files from Google drive to Onedrive quickly.

Jumptuit has its native service apps for iPhone, iPad, Android(phone and tablet), OS X, Windows and Windows Phone. When native app is not available for your platform then you can use Jumptuit webapp to access your cloud storage files.

Here is the Jumptuit eye cache offer. Jumptuit is free for four combinations of devices and cloud services. If you have multiple cloud services to connect on with more number of devices it sets a price $10/month or $100/year. If using less cloud services to connect and use less devices then Jumptuit is a then it is useful, ifyou want to connect more cloud services then it is useful with fair price tag.


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Best 5 Android launchers

Google has built its Android operating system with potential to customize it as we like. The Android launchers make Android more attractive looks in user interface. Android phone and tablet users like to reveal out the hidden Android beauty with different Android launchers.

On Android devices the launcher app is responsible to the home screen and grid app views. launchers take responsible for the user interface design in Android devices. Usually Android built in version of  Google launcher bundled with entire Google Android version launchers. Some Android phone manufacturers (Micromax, Samsung) preload it’s version of launchers.

There are plenty of launchers available in Google play store. Here we rollout the best Android launchers for your device interface experience.

Top 5 Android Launchers

1. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is Google’s own launcher made for Android. It is bundled with Android Standard version of launchers from its android versions. It is absolutely free, doesn’t mean it is boring. It makes ease to access Google Now, Voice control button and transparency window bars.

Best 5 Android launchers

Key features:

  • Google Now on home screen
  • Say “Ok Google” on your home screen, to trigger voice input.
  • search box on top for easy search on web.
  • Easy access to Google services, like Gmail, YouTube, drive and Maps.
  • Larger access area
  • Wallpaper collections
  • Preview any wallpaper before you select it.


2. GO Launcher EX

Go Launcher is a powerful launcher gives smooth and speedy operation with 3D effects. It contains 10000+ themes. It can be best home screen replacement for your Android devices. In its paid version it adds Screen lock, Gestures, Side dock and Gorgeous Transitions.

Best Android launchers

Key features:

  • 10,000+  themes
  • Super smooth flipping operation with 3D effects
  • 25+ fancy flipping and transition effects
  • 15+ widgets available
  • Launch apps with gestures
  • Multi-touch functions


3.Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a Highly customizable launcher with different effects of translation, App icons, scroll types etc. It has better balance in performance and theme effects. It is a best home screen replacement for Android 4.0+ devices. Nova launcher has long list of customizing options.

Top 5 Android Launcher

Key features:

  • Scrollable Dock
  • Customizable App Drawer
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Widgets in dock
  • Widget Overlapping
  • Activities shortcut
  • Unread badge on home and lock screen for SMS, Missed calls, Gmail, Email, Google Voice and more.


4. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a different concept of launcher bundled with standard set of customizable options. Users can customize their theme and save on the library of 300000+ beautiful and unique Homescreens through Homepack Buzz, also can access these 300000+ Homescreens, themes and widgets. It is a hassle free Launcher you can feel its efficiency and aesthetics.

top android launchers

Key  features:

  • Multi-wallpaper Homescreen
  • Icon editing tool
  • Designate different grids for each screen (up to 12×12)
  • Manage folders in app drawers/homescreen
  • Manage apps like frequently used apps, recently installed apps, and hiding apps
  • Gesture support like Glide up, Glide down, Double-tap and more.


5. Apex

Apex Launcher is easy to use with good level of customizable options to feel a appealing alternate to Android standard launchers. Apex is blended with smooth performance and effects usability

Top 5 Launcher For Android Device

Key features:

  • Apex has a superb tablet mode allows Nexus 7 owners to rotate the home screen
  • Apex Notifier service displays notifications to a widget on home screen.
  • Customizable homescreen grid
  • Scrollable dock
  • Infinite & elastic scrolling in homescreen, drawer and dock
  • Fancy transition effects
  • Multiple drawer styles
  • Enjoy homescreen gestures on pinch, swipe up/down, double tap


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How to use VLC player as screencast tool in Windows, Mac and Linux

VLC media player is a well known media player for its incorporated extensive performance and features. VLC media player has a hidden feature, it can able to do screencast. VLC media player can able to capture or record desktop screen in your PC. If you are looking for a free screencast tool to work on Windows, Mac and Linux, then VLC media player must be the finest choice.

How to use VLC media player as screencast tool

Download VLC media player.

Install VLC media player.

Open VLC media player.

Go to media and click stream.

How to use VLC media player as screencast tool

On the open media window choose Capture device.

Select Desktop on Capture mode. You can able to set desired frame rate at which you want to record or stream the desktop. Default frame rate is 1.00f/s.

VLC streaming settings

Now hit Stream button.

On the stream output window source click next.

If you want to record the desktop set new destination as file and click on Add button. Now select the location in your hard disk to save the video and click next.

VLC screencast options

If you want to stream the desktop live in web, set new destination as HTTP and hit Add button. Now enter url in path let the port be 8080 and click next.

Now you can set the video quality to record. Default video type is Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4).

use VLC player as screencast tool

Now click Next and Stream button to start recording desktop.

VLC Screencasting benefits

  • It is a free tool. Why to use paid software when we get same basic functionality for free.
  • VLC allows multiple formats in screencasting.
  • Many of them might use VLC media player for watching movies and videos. It is already using software no need to install a separate software.
  • VLC media player can convert videos too.
  • In added advantage VLC is available in Windows, Mac and Linux.


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How to hide videos and photos on your Android device

When friends or family members may ask your phone at any time for a help or for entertainment. You may have any official or business or personal photos and videos whatever it may be, you would have intentionally avoided them from browsing your media gallery. But unfortunately you cannot protect your android device from others always. here is a way to hide your media from your android phone or tablet.

Of course, you may have deleted the photos and videos or copied in a safer place but not in your android device. But it doesn’t have fun.

You can hide photos and videos from your android device with a free app KeepSafe Vault. With KeepSafe Vault you can hide selected photos videos that you don’t prefer others to view. Now you can happily give your phone to others without fear.

How to hide videos and photos form Android

How to hide videos and photos on your Android device

  • Install KeepSafe Vault from Google Play Store
  • Set a SafeKey PIN number
  • After confirmation of PIN password you can able to browse your gallery and pick photo images and videos want to hide.
  • Once the media is hidden from public gallery, it is accessible only from VaultSafe.

Ok that’s it! There are many other apps that reflects the same function of KeepSafe Vault. So you can find a perfect one for you from Google Play Store and comment the app that does great function.

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