How to submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

What is Sitemap?

Sitemap is your site / blog’s map. It contains your whole blog / site posts and pages for better and easier navigation. Also submitted to search engines to index your entire blog in search engines.

XML Sitemap is a XML file which is like a directory of all your web pages published on your website or blog. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu can use these sitemap file to identify and index your web pages. Search bots will crawl your web pages regularly using sitemap. This helps search engines to show relevant results during search.

submit sitemap to Google Webmaster

Why to Submit Blogger Sitemap in Google webmaster?

Submitting your site’s sitemap to Google webmaster is a application request to Google search giant to index your entire blog. After submitting your sitemap Google search will index your site.

When someone search a relevant keyword to your post in Google search, Your blog post will appear in search results. It will increase your site traffic.

Hope you figured out the reason.

How to submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

1. Signin to Google Webmaster tool using your Gmail email id and password.

2. Click on ADD A SITE red color button on right side top.

 Google Webmaster add a site

3. Enter your website / blog address.

submit sitemap to Google

4. Now Google Webmaster will verify your blog automatically by blogger. If you use custom domain in blogger. Webmaster will automatically verify using CNAME record. If webmaster doesn’t verified automatically, verify using html meta tags.

5. On the Site Dashboard in left side click crawl on the drop down menu select sitemap.

submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster tool


7. Add/Test Sitemap popup appears

submitting Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

8. Copy and paste below code in the text box and hit Submit Sitemap button.


The above code is for 1 to 500 posts only.if you have more than 500 posts published, replace 1 with 501,1001,1501 and soon.


Congrats ! You have successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Google. Now you have to wait for couple of days for indexation.

Valga valamudan


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