How to send scheduled Gmail email

What we do to send a email. save the email in draft, remembering to send the email on time. But getting online at that time may be a problem. So email scheduling is a attractive feature. Sending emails in timely manner is a good practice. Usually receiver will appreciate it better when email receiving on time. Sending emails too early and late will not get reputation.

send scheduled Gmail email

Instead of drafting the content and saving in draft folder. And forgetting it due to busy schedule. Now let the draft folder send email for you on a pre set time. Scheduling email is a great feature. It helps a lot in many occasions.

Schedule Gmail emails using Rightinbox

Rightinbox is a browser extension available in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari browser on all platforms. Rightinbox integrates with Gmail and gives you ‘Send Later’ button near normal send button on composing and reply.

Install Rightinbox browser extension

Visit Rightinbox website. Click on ‘Install now‘ button.

send scheduled gmail

Browser will ask permission to install the browser extension just hit on ‘Allow‘ button. (Here Firefox browser is used)

send scheduled email

Now a popup will appear click ‘Install Now‘.

rightinbox install

Now Click on ‘Restart Now‘ button on a message popup.

rightinbox install

Now Rightinbox browser extension is installed.

Now sign in to gmail account. you will get a notification. “Right Inbox for Gmail is ready!” Click on ‘Continue‘ button.

send scheduled gemail

Finally Rightinbox asks permission to access your Gmail basic information and manage your email to include ‘Send Later’ button. Hit ‘Accept

rightinbox permission

On a “Right Inbox is ready!” popup view the video for additional information. and click ‘Close‘.

Another popup appears “Right Inbox Pricing” select limited. press the ‘Select button‘.

If you like to share Right inbox on social media share or otherwise close the popup.

Installation of RightInbox is completed.

How to send scheduled email on Gmail

To schedule a email, Compose a email.

send scheduled email

Now you will see a ‘Send Now’ and ‘Send Later’ button. Click on ‘Send Later‘ button to schedule your email.

send scheduled email

On ‘Send Later‘ You can find options to send the email at preferred time. You can choose in 1, 2, 4, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon or at a specific time. If preset timings didn’t match tour time click on ‘at a specific time’.

schedule your Gmail

On ‘at a specific time’, you can choose your preferred date, time and time zone to send your email.
When the time is set, click on ‘Schedule‘ button to send your scheduled email.

schedule your Gmail

Now your email is scheduled to your specified time.

schedule Gmail

Note: Scheduled email will be saves as draft mail. When the time arrives email will be sent automatically and moves to ‘sent’ folder.
This is not a official Gmail Feature. But Rightinbox browser extension will help you to send emails and reminders on time.

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