How to hide videos and photos on your Android device

When friends or family members may ask your phone at any time for a help or for entertainment. You may have any official or business or personal photos and videos whatever it may be, you would have intentionally avoided them from browsing your media gallery. But unfortunately you cannot protect your android device from others always. here is a way to hide your media from your android phone or tablet.

Of course, you may have deleted the photos and videos or copied in a safer place but not in your android device. But it doesn’t have fun.

You can hide photos and videos from your android device with a free app KeepSafe Vault. With KeepSafe Vault you can hide selected photos videos that you don’t prefer others to view. Now you can happily give your phone to others without fear.

How to hide videos and photos form Android

How to hide videos and photos on your Android device

  • Install KeepSafe Vault from Google Play Store
  • Set a SafeKey PIN number
  • After confirmation of PIN password you can able to browse your gallery and pick photo images and videos want to hide.
  • Once the media is hidden from public gallery, it is accessible only from VaultSafe.

Ok that’s it! There are many other apps that reflects the same function of KeepSafe Vault. So you can find a perfect one for you from Google Play Store and comment the app that does great function.

Enjoy! Valga Valamudan


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