Guest post

Dear friends

Now in Crounji website, readers and other guest bloggers can also publish their articles and posts in main category How to, tips and tricks. You can choose a wide range of topics that covering Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, Internet, Software, Technology and YouTube fields in Crounji.

To satisfy Crounji’s readers expectations please consider these things in writing the article.

  • Let the article be unique and not published on other websites.
  • Feature the article or post with screenshots, images and download links which are required.
  • Language English
  • Use high resolution images for infographics, artworks for clear and easy understanding.

To publish your article in Crounji, please send me additional information required.

  • Article with Images attached- preferred in word format
  • Author details (profile)
  • Author photograph
  • Author website – to give a link in author profile.

You can send me the above details to my email with subject “Guest post-[Article title]”


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