How to add website logo in feedburner feed.

As a blogger we need our branding in our outgoing feed in Feedburner. We need to include our logo in our blog feed. Here is the way to put our blog branding logo on right top corner in our Feedburner feed.

How to add website brand name logo in feedburner feed
Brand name logo in feed burner feed

How to include your logo in feedburner feed.

  1. Login to your Feedburner account.
  2. Open your web-blog feed from feed title.
  3. Select Optimize tab.
  4. Navigate and Locate Feed Image Burner from menu on left.
  5. In the Image source drop-down select Specify custom image URL.
  6. Enter your uploaded website logo URL in Specify custom image URL field.
  7. Enter your Brand name in Image title field (optional).
  8. In the link field enter your home page URL.
  9. Now hit the Activate / Save button.
How to add website logo in feedburner feed

Now your Feedburner feed page shows your web brand name logo on right top corner.

How to add your logo in feedburner feed
Logo in feed burner feed

Enjoy. Valga valamudan.