How to recover your bricked Lumia device with Nokia Recovery Software Tool

Have a Lumia handset that is bricked or not turning on? You can send it for repair. Or you could try the DIY approach and fix it yourself with the help of Nokia Recovery Software Tool. It is a desktop application that is programmed for recovering your sickly Lumia back up and running. Here’s a speedy exercise on the most proficient method to utilize the product.

Download the Nokia Software Recovery tool

PC Requirements to run Nokia Software Recovery tool

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • USB cable to connect phone and computer
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space
How to recover, restore your bricked Lumia device with Nokia Recovery Software Tool

How to recover bricked Lumia with Nokia Software Recovery Tool

  1. Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool by on screen instructions.
  2. Open Nokia Software Recovery Tool on your PC.
  3. Connect Lumia to PC by a USB cable
  4. You will see the software version to install on your Lumia device with details – Hit Install button.
  5. You will need to recognize that the information and content on your Lumia device will be erased. In case if you can access your phone create a backup by going into settings > backup. You should know that that photographs, music and apps will be wiped during this reset process. Click that you understood and then click continue.
  6. It will now start downloading the software. It will take few minutes to complete.
  7. Now the software will install on your phone. Don’t utilize your phone or disconnect the USB cable during installation. Wait for few minutes. Your phone is getting ready.

That’s all you’re done. You have saved your phone.

Note: This Nokia Software recovery tool will support only on Lumia range of devices Will not support other makes like Micromax, HTC, Samsung…
Nokia Software Recovery Tool may erace all the personal datas from your phone. If possible create a backup your personal contents before starting the procedure.

Please share your experience with Nokia Recovery Software tool in the comment section.

Enjoy, Valga valamudan