Run Windows 8.1 directly from USB drive

Create Windows To Go (W2G) on non certified USB drive. No need of Windows Enterprise version.

What is Windows To Go (W2G)

Microsoft Windows added a new interesting feature in windows 8. Windows 8 has ability to create image of bootable operating system on USB drive. Portable USB drive can be used in any computers with your personalized windows. Its simple, insert the W2G USB drive and boot the computer on USB drive mode. It works pretty well as a windows installed host computer. This feature is added forcefully to compete with Linux live versions. But any how it is a great added feature to Windows 8.

What is the purpose of creating Windows To Go?

Windows To Go is a pretty good feature by which you can bring your work computer’s Window home and use it to complete your work from home.

Use Window To Go for testing your PC hardware before installing Windows 8.1.

It is very useful for travelers

Run Windows 8.1 directly from USB drive

How to create Windows To Go USB drive

    1. Download and install Aomei Partition Assistant software.
    2. Insert your Windows 8.1 Disk or mount a .iso image by using software tools like PowerISO, ImDisk or with your favorite virtual drive software.
    3. Plugin your Empty USB disk.
    4. Open Aomei Partition Assistant.
    5. Click Windows To Go Creator from Wizard menu on left side.

    How to create Windows To Go USB drive

    6. Select your USB Drive. Confirm once again the selected USB Drive.
    7. Click browse it should automatically detect Windows installation file install.wim. You can also select manually if it doesn’t identify the install.wim file.

    How to create Windows To Go USB drive

    8. Now hit on proceed.

    Create Non-Certified Windows To Go USB Drive

    The software is creating the Windows To Go USB disk. Depend upon the USB disk writing speed it may take some minutes or hours. So leave it and do other work till it complete.

    Also see: How to create bootable USB drive image


    • Back up your USB drive fefore creating Windows To Go USB disk. The process will overwrite on the existing file so the contents will be erased.
    • It is a full installation of Windows, On first booting you will have to enter the Windows key and start customizing the personal settings.
    • Windows To Go official recommends to use certified USB drive and Windows Enterprise edition only for better experience of Windows To Go like a regular installation Windows.

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