How to create QR code

QR Code is abbreviated as Quick Response Code. QR code is a Two dimensional Barcode consists of black modules (square dots) in a square grid pattern with white background. QR code and Barcode are different, Barcode will have horizontal or vertical black and white lines with varying thickness in white background.

QR code can be read by a imaging device (Camera). QR code specialty is it contains error correction technology, so it is possible to decode a damaged QR code. Your Smartphone can scan the QR code to find the information. QR code encrypts and decrypts instantly in few seconds. It can store information like your website/blog url, any product details, etc

Create QR code with Google

QR code encrypts information in a black dots with white background called QR code modules or data  pixels. You can also create a color QR code if required.

1. Visit website.

2. Type or copy and paste the URL of the website / blog and click on Shorten URL button.

Create Your Own QR Code
3. To get the QR code click details below the url generated shorten.

create your own qr codeGoogle’s QR code generator can encode and generate QR code for URLs only. If you want to generate QR code to encode other information like product information, contact information, or to using the QR Code as a dialer, you will have to use other QR code generator services.

Best QR code generator tools or sites


KAYWA QR code can generate QR code for URL, Contact, Coupon, Text, phone, Vcard and SMS. Generated KAYWA QR code can be download in different formats, such as PDF, PNG, and EPS. KAYWA allows to embed generated code directly on a website by clicking the “Embed” link.

2. QR code generator encodes URL, Text, Vcard, SMS, Call, Geolocation, Calendar, Email and Wifi information. Generated high resolution QR code image can be downloaded as PNG, GIF, JPEG. specialty is, it generates high resolution QR codes in Vector formats EPS and SVG can download and print in Coffee mugs, T-shirts, Business Card, Bags, etc. You can also embed generated QR code directly to your website or blog and use it.

3. Microsoft Tag

If you target to create color QR code then Microsoft Tag QR code generator will be a best choice. It is a free service with limited analysis report of people viewing and tagging the items. it is a limited time service till 19 August 2015.

Tips to create reliable QR codes.

  1. Generate QR Code after URL shorting. QR codes generated with long or original URL are more complex and unreliable. So, use reliable URL shortener services like and to shorten url before generating the code.
  2. Do not try to reduce or resize generated QR code white border. The white border around QR code is known as the quiet zone. The quiet zone is usually white or a light color. Quite Zone of generated QR code should be at least 4 times the width of the black modules of your QR code.
  3. Prefer larger sized QR code. It can be scanned with even low resolution cameras and even it can be scanned from long distances.


Enjoy! Valga Valamudan


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