How to send encrypted emails with SecureGmail

Every one of us need safety and security in day to day life. Security is a important issue these days. As now internet scooping and tracking is a major issue, So many of the internet users want their data and information secure on online with internet privacy. We need a way to transfer data and information safely via email.

Here is a way to send encrypted emails using SecureGmail.

SecureGmail is a Google Chrome extension it allows users to send and receive encrypted emails and it is compatible with Google account.

How to send encrypted email using SecureGmail

Compose Encrypted Email

Add SecureGmail to your Chrome browser.

Login in to your gmail account in Chrome browser.

You can find a lock button beside “Compose” button. To send encrypted email click on lock button near compose button.

send encrypted email

Compose the email as usual like how you normally send emails. After composing email click on Send Encrypted.

A popup will ask you to set password and password hint for your encrypted email.

how to send encrypted email

Decrypt your Email

Receiver should also use SecureGmail installed chrome browser.

Open received email, the content of the email will be unreadable.

When you receive encrypted email, there will be a message and decrypt link.

“This message is encrypted. Decrypt message with password.”

decrypt email

Click on Decrypt message with password link. It will promote a decrypt message popup asking decryption password that sender set password.

decrypt email passwordAfter entering correct password, it will display the email content in readable form.

decrypted email


  • SecureGmail only works on Chrome browser and Gmail.
  • Receiver also need to use Chrome browser and Gmail.
  • Encrypted mail cannot be saved in Draft while composing.
  • You cannot reply directly the encrypted email message.


Any how it is a great method to send private emails.


Make it Enjoy! Valga valamudan


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