How to create a multi-boot USB drive with Yumi

In many occasions we may be in position to use many bootable USB disks for example if you want to partition your hard disk and install OS Windows or iOS or Linux. Every time we cannot able to create separate USB drives for partitioning, install windows or iOS and to install Linux.

Here is the solution. One USB drive can be used for multiple booting options.

How to create Multi boot USB Drive with Yumi.

1. Download Yumi. Yumi is a software program used to create multi-boot flash  drive.

2. Insert your USB flash drive or pen drive in a free USB slot in your PC. Make sure that your USB drive is been recognized by your PC also note the flash drive letter.

3. Open Yumi.

4. Select the USB flash drive letter.

5. Make a check mark on Format _ : Drive (Erase content)?

The USB drive will get erased. So copy your required data from USB drive to a safer location.

6. Select distribution from drop down menu.

7. Click on Browse to select the location of OS in ISO image from your hard disk.

8. Hit Create button.

Create Multi Boot USB Drive Yumi

9. Now hit yes to format the USB drive you selected.

10. When the Installation Complete message appears click next button.

To install second booting option

11. Click yes to the dialog “would you like to add more ISOs/Distros Now on _ “.

12. leave Format _ : Drive (Erase content)? Unchecked

13. Repeat the same steps again for more distribution options
yumi boot menu

YUMI multi boot linux distro

Once completed you can able to boot multiple OS, partition Utility and antivirus rescue programs in a single USB drive.

Enjoy! Valga valamudan


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