How to fix “write to SD card” problem on Android KitKat

We all know that Google has made changes in Android KitKat code also brought several interesting features in KitKat. It also brings the problem write to SD card issue. you may not even know that the problem is not in the device. Google is restricting the app access on SD card to their sandboxed folder, meaning is a app can no longer be access to write other folders or other location.

Google stands clear in its position, they want Android to be simple and its OS to run from a single place to remove the confusion of app access. It forces users to use larger internal storage capacity devices with non SD card devices like Nexus. Of course Google pushing to utilize cloud storages and other its services extensively. Anyhow Google’s native apps and OEM apps which are preloaded can still read and write SD card, but the restriction is to the third party app which cannot.

Here is the solution to fix the SD card issue. Assumed that your device is rooted.

Fix your SDcard issue on Android KitKat


Fix SDCard Issue On Android KitKat

Here you can grab a clever app called SDFix from Google play store. It is a simple app, it makes changes in the config file so that third party apps where given permission to read and write on external SD card. You have to do is launch the app proceed through the process, reboot, you’re done. This is easiest method if you have stock ROM and rooted. Most custom ROMs pass this method.

Have you prepared to the mission.

Enjoy! Valga valamudan


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