How to change OneDrive default location on Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) is a file hosting cloud service allows users to upload and share files. This Onedrive is a inbuilt feature in Windows 8.1 through this users can sync their files to all their devices simultaneously. In Windows 8.1 Onedrive is inbuilt program its folder is located in windows OS installation hard drive. This feature can be turned off for small capacity hard disk devices.

If you feel the storage space of Onedrive occupies more space on windows installation drive, you can change the file location to secondary storage drive on your computer. So that the opened space can be used for other installations.

Note: Microsoft didn’t released updated for renaming SkyDrive to OneDrive in windows 8.1 during the time of this writing.

How to change default onedrive (skydrive) folder location in Windows 8.1

1. Open This PC or File Explorer window.
2. Right click on SkyDrive locate at right quick navigation pane.
3. Select Properties.

SkyDrive Properties
4. On Skydrive properties go to location tab.

SkyDrive Folder Location
5. Hit the move button navigate and locate your preferred folder location on other secondary storage drives in your PC.
6. Click Ok
7. Permit to create new folder on new popup window if asked. (may ask if you change folder name)
8. Click on yes in Move folder popup window to move your Onedrive files to given new folder location.

SkyDrive Move

Now your Onedrive will sync your files in the new location in your PC. Now you can get extra free space in Windows installation drive.

Enjoy! Valga valamudan


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