5 Best Android Antivirus Apps

Android is a popular mobile operating system. It has a wide range of users. So it has more threat problems. So it is your job to protect your Smartphone data from threats.

But there are huge numbers of security Apps available in Google play store. Here we have to select proper security app to seal the loopholes in the Smartphone.

Here is a list of five security suites and antivirus app for your Smartphone.

Top 5 Android antivirus app

1. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Top 5 Android antivirus

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is the first choice because it gives good protection for external and internal attacks. it also guards against virus and also has facility to find lost phone as well. It has incorperated with Anti-Theft, Network Manager, App manager and firewall (rooted), gives good control to your mobile phone.

2. AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security

Best Android antivirus

AVG Mobile AntiVirus security has crossed over 100,000,000 downloads as AVG announced its Android version. Download number is increasing day by day. It is one of the best antivirus App for Android and has lots of astonishing features also. In real time AVG can scan files, apps, media and it can locate lost phone in Google Map too, With much more security features. It comes with trail version but can upgrade to pro.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Top 5 antivirus for android

Lookout Security & Antivirus has been downloaded over 40 million. It can scan your device automatically for malicious files, apps and malware. It gives additional option to backup your contacts to Lookout  account and share with multiple devices. It has locate lost phone if GPS is turned on.

4. Kaspersky Internet Security

Best antivirus for android

Kaspersky Internet Security gives best android security with antivirus security and anti-theft security. Kaspersky lab’s latest technology protects the device against virus, malware, trojans, spywares and much more.

5. BitDefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

Top Android antivirus app

BitDefender Mobile Security and Antivirus has antivirus scanner, web security, anti-theft protection, privacy advisor and more. Bitdefender is a legend in PC security with users trust. It delivers same potential in Android security too. It can robustly protect against new virus, malwares apps and web

Enjoy! Valga valamudan


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