Play Youtube playlist in VLC Media Player

Its pretty good to hear that you can watch entire Youtube, Vimeo DailyMotion videos and play list in VLC Media player without the browser. And the video plays in ad free environment.

As we all know that VLC Media player is one of the favorite video player for all it supports almost every video format, it also supports playing Youtube videos in your desktop without Adobe flash player, Web browser and ads.

Youtube in VLC Media Player
Play Youtube videos in VLC Media player

let’s start, open the VLC Media player, Open Network by pressing Ctrl+N, paste the youtube video URL in the provided input url box.


Play Youtube playlists in VLC Media Player

VLC only supports single Youtube URLs by default. But there is away to import entire Youtube playlist in VLC and its easy to watch it in sequence.

Play Youtube playlists in VLCYou can play entire Youtube video playlist in VLC Media Player

Let’s start the trick. Download Youtube playlist importer for VLC media player from here (playlist_youtube.lua file). Now open the VLC installation folder. (Example C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC) Copy the downloader .lua file and paste it in the existing \lua\playlist folder.

It’s time to restart your VLC Media Player and open Media->Open Network Tab. Now paste any public Youtube playlist URL in the input. Now you can enjoy the videos.

Benefits of Watching YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player plays the Youtube streaming just like playing other files in local hardrive. It also delivers some additional features over the standard youtube web player.

  1. Always on Top window so you can watch video on multitasking.
  2. Loop button in the player allows to play video repeatedly.
  3. Playback speed can be widely choosen in VLC than standard Youtube video player. (play slower or faster than the normal speed)
  4. Take Snapshot in VLC capture a screenshot of video from any frame or scene can be taken.
  5. VLC offers ad free Environment. You can watch video without any ads in video or video popup.

Also see: How to download 4k YouTube videos.

VLC Media Player can also play Videos from DailyMotion, Vimeo also without web browser.
Due to upgrading of video web sites url VLC may show broken link but soon it will be corrected.




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