Type easily in over 90 languages

Google virtual keyboard

Google translate is a great tool it helps us to read other language sites by translating the site content in seconds. But there is a big problem when it comes to typing in a local language. You might have come across few tools for typing in local language, but here is the best tool for typing is Google Input Tool. Nothing can match for Google Input tool.

Google input tool
You can type in any language of your choice with Google Input Tool with ease. Google Input Tool offers to type in different languages in just a mouse click and switching of language is so easy. The Google Input Tool offers virtual keyboard for over 90 languages, transliteration for over 30 different scripts or full IMEs and handwriting input for over 40 languages.

Here is the Google Input Tool, Add it to your google chrome. Click on the extension icon on top right corner. Now select on the Extension Options from popup menu. A new tab will open here you can select language of your choice or input methods. The handwriting input or keyboard, IMEs you can add at any time in Selected input tools by enabling from the extension itself. You can add, remove or change the input type order of your input tool at any time.

Google Input Tools




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