Security apps to protect your android phone

We carry our personal datas mostly in Mobile phones. The most important data it holds are contacts, text messages, emails, personal photos, recorded videos and other confidential stuff that you would not like others to see. As you carry it everywhere you go, it is easy to lose. Ok lets see how to protect your android phone with security apps.

There are glut of security apps in google play store that brings your android phone into a safer zone and provides increased visibility to locate your lost or stolen device.

Android security apps

Security apps and its features

Lookout is the most popular choice for its location facility of lost phone in google map added features to protect your phone from malware. It is not preferred for devices which is running older version of Android.

Android Device Manager is Google’s native security feature shows list of android phones and tablets that are connected in your google account. Android device manager helps to locate your device in google map. you can lock your device with a pin number, can perform factory reset to permenently delete all the datas on your phone or ring your phone from browser if you sense lost phone is nearby. But Android Device Manager requires the device to be live in online by Wi-Fi or mobile data for remotely access device to ring, lock or delete phone data.

Apps like prey and Where’s my Droid can be remotely command your phone by text messages.

For example, “GO PREY” text SMS command sent to your lost mobile from any mobile number. The phone will ring, geo-location detail, and also takes a snap from front camera. Using text command you can lock your phone, factory reset or take a picture through commands via text messages.

Both Prey and Where’s MY droid will report the mobile number of thief if he changes SIM card on your phone. For additional safety activate SIM lock on your device which will ask password whenever the phone is switch on.

Anti-Theft Alarm app is a charging security app. When you charge your mobile at public stations, you have to watch your device all the time. When someone removes charger pin the app will activate a siren sound and screen will flash continuously till correct pin is entered. In addition you can configure the app to trigger a siren when someone moves your phone from original location. (response in inches)

LockWatch app records the location and captures a picture from front camera when someone attempts to unlock your phone. This app will get active when a wrong pin or password entered. The recorded information is sent to your email. These things happen silently so the intruder would never know that been recorded.




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