How to host a website on Google drive

Host a website on google drive: Google has provided many features for free. If you like to host a website without accessing to paid hosting servers. Google Drive must be the only great alternative. Google drive has the capacity to host basic websites to a complicated JavaScript based web app with photos, videos, audio contents. You may even publish streaming videos, audio and photo galary on Google drive.

Some uses of google drive hosting.

  • Web developers to test their developed web app as demo servers for their customers.
  • Invitations for functions like marriage, birthday and etc can be hosted.
  • Visual resume for job seekers can me made live.

Here is the demo webpage hosted in google drive for you.

Let’s start hosting with step by step procedure.

Step 1

Prepare your html files with related CSS styles, javascript, images, audio, videos files. Prepare all your HTML files and their related images, javascript and css files, if any, in a single folder. Provide paths for images, videos, audio, files properly in index.html file properly under a folder. Say keeping all your image files in img folder, javascript files in js folder and css files in css folder.

Microsoft WebMatrix screenshot

Step 2

Login to google drive with your gmail id and password. Now upload the entire website project folder (containing img, js, css folders and Favicon.ico, robots.txt, index.html, 404,html files) to your google drive.

google drive webpage upload

Step 3
On the above step the web project folder is only uploaded to your google drive only you can view not to the globe.
1. Now select the uploaded folder in google drive. (open)

2. Hit the share button.

google drive sharing
In Sharing settings popup window click change.

settings for google drive hosting

Change Visibility options to public on the web. Now save and hit done button.

google drive host settings
Open the uploaded folder in Google drive.

google drive hosting

Now, open index.html, generally named for home page of your website.

Google Drive will open index.html file in a lightbox. Hit the Open button located in bottom right corner of the lightbox.

hosting in google drive

Now hit the preview button from the toolbar. It will take your website live on the internet, also it will give you a url to share with your friends, family and to world.

google drive hosting
The url will look like…index.html

Google drive hosted url

You made your first Google Drive hosted website live, Cheers!
I hope this article will be useful. I will be happy to see your google drive hosted website, leave it in the comment section.



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