How to play youtube video in background in android.

You can enjoy music or a video song on background with multitasking facility provided by android. If you are on youtube watching or listening a video. you may be distracted by email or other messaging services. When open email or messaging services the youtube stops playing. You have to switch back to youtube app on android device to resume your song to play.

This is a drawback in youtube app on android devices. The youtube app is programed to play when the application is live. If you move it to background it stops playing. This is same to youtube mobile site as well. When the browser is moved to background on opening other apps the video stops playing.

play youtube video background

How to play youtube video in background in android.

Google play store has many apps it make youtube to behave as music player to play musics in background.

Here I am focusing on three apps ulisten, supertube, viral

ulisten is lightweight program. Simple in user interface. Use search button to search videos and playlists, to play the videos press the play button. It allows to make videos and youtube playlists to your favorite. ulisten doesn’t sync with your youtube account and and localy saved  favorites. ulisten do not auto suggest during search. so you have to type entire search term.

Supertube, Viral both of them look as a clone of youtube official app but it features to allow youtube videos to play in background. both of the apps allow you to sync up locally created favorites and playlists with your youtube account. Also allows you to access your playlists, watch later and favorites from your youtube account. As like video players it accompany a vertical swipe  on the video to increase and decrease volume.

Both supertube and viral offers pop-out and float your videos above any other app, so you can watch video as well as text message, email, read a news or browse internet,etc .

I prefer SuperTube since it allows you to choose what to play next in floating player itself and enclose more features.



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